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  Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce (SZGCC) (Association of the Industrialists and Businessmen) is a joint organization composed of Shenzhen business enterprises, prestigious persons in business circles and Business Audit Office. SZGCC is a people's organization to stand for and safeguard legal rights and interests of business circles as well as a bridge to the overseas business circles. SZGCC has a membership of a great number of organizations, corporations and individuals. Covering a wide spectrum of corporations with diverse sectors of the economy, its corporation members involve large state-owned group corporations, limited liability companies, collective-owned enterprises, township and village enterprises, "three-capital" enterprises and private enterprises. Meanwhile, its organization members widely cover an association of civilian entrepreneurs, an association of private enterprises and over thirty trade associations. SZGCC is a grassroot organization including district and street office region chambers of commerce and trade associations. SZGCC's members feature talent soaring, powerful strength, vigor overflowing and dramatic development. Up to Jan. 2005, SZGCC has already had more than 8000 members.    

  Not only dose SZGCC keep close ties with chambers of commerce in various cities at home but also maintains exchange of friendly visits with chambers of commerce in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and even all parts of the world. In especial, SZGCC has signed an agreement for friendly cooperation with many chambers of commerce. Therefore, SZGCC is a bridge to success and a tie of friendship in no matter letting the world know Chinese markets or letting China step into the world markets. 

Purposes of SZGCC: 

  SZGCC aims to hold business circles together, stand for and safeguard legal rights and interests of members and business circles, link up the government and members, maintain fair competitions, assist both government and enterprises to do each service assignment well, expand cooperating channels to boost domestic and foreign trade, and promote the economic development in Shenzhen. 

Main Functions of SZGCC:  

(1) To stand for business circles of the whole city to participate in government and political affairs;

(2) To assist the government to manage and guide the business operations of the enterprises;

(3) To safeguard legal rights and interests of both members and business circles;

(4) To provide enterprises with beneficial services;

(5) To help the government and enterprise to expand channels for both domestic and foreign trade. 

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