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  Economic Management Service:
Assist enterprises with applying for the rights of self-managed import & export
Assist government departments with technical supervision on enterprises
Provide Torch Program application service for enterprises
Business Agency
Apply for private passports for non-public members
Deal with the original property ownership certificates
Organize industrial and commercial delegation
Organize meetings
Hold exhibitions and fairs
Property right trade
Business-starting training
Economic Information Service Industrial and commercial information counseling
Economic legal system information counseling
Online enterprise information
Enterprise diagnosis
Trademark counseling
Investment Attraction Service Organize investment and investigation
Hold investment meetings
Provide suggestions on project investment
Policy and Legal Service Industrial and commercial policy and legal counseling
Litigation agency
Litigation support
Legal witness
Legal suggestions
Provide legal advisory paper
Project demonstration
Provide credit certification
Credit investigation
Formulate and examine contracts
Protect foreign trade
Talent Management Service Talent training
Talent recommendation
Comprehensive Coordination Service Legislation counseling
Expressing views on behalf of the industrial and commercial enterprises
Accept the industrial and commercial complaints
Assist with the enforcement of the industrial and commercial law
Organize business negotiation
Negotiation of commercial affairs
Financing Service Provide a financing service platform for SMEs (especially the private SMEs )
Provide consulting service on investment, financing and loan guarantee for enterprises
Organize bank & enterprise sodality and meetings and solve financing problems for enterprises by introducing famous foreign financial institutions and international consortia
Specific Survey Service Investigation on enterprise business scale
Investigation on intangible assets
Product brand investigation
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